NutriSystem Week ONE

I have decided New Year, New Me! After I had my son, I kept the baby weight. I thought it would just go away, however a year later it is still here. I am sick and tired of my clothes not fitting, or me not feeling myself. Needless today, I also have no energy! I was ready for a change.


 I decided to start my weight loss journey with NutriSystem! I will blog weekly to keep you updated, and let you know if it is working or not. 
I began NutriSystem today with Turbo Takeoff. This is an accelerated program tp help me start my weight loss. Turbo Takeoff includes seven days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, Turbo Shakes, NutriCrush Shakes, and a meal planner. 
I will be weighing my self every week and included in my post, as of 1/11/2016 I am weighing 131 pounds. 



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* I received these samples to blog about my journey and give my honest opinion.

DIG IT Quilted Nap Mats by Janiebee Review

Wow, I am so incredibly impressed with this amazing nap mat by Janiebee
Janiebee Quilited Nap Mats have MANY designs, I choose the “DIG IT” design. My little one is not in school yet, however he naps at the babysitters house daily! A good nap mat is something I have been looking for. 
The Janiebee’s are great since they are completely comfortable, they are adorable designed, and I love that it can be personalized! Not to mention the pillow and blanket is sewed into the mat so that you can not loose it! I think that is an amazing idea that it is attached, all the moms wanted to know where I got this adorable nap mat from. This nap mat has been very durable and well made. I was super impressed! I easily fell in love with this Janiebee as well as my son did. I will for sure be going to Janiebee for any of my future children’s nap mats! The DIG IT design that I received for my son is all his favorite loaders, dumpers, crawlers and machines. To roll this up and store for later use is very easy with the fabric tie closures. 


Over all, I could not of been more impressed. The Janibee Quilited Nap Mats are BY FAR the best I have ever used or seen. 

 DIG IT!  All his favorite loaders, dumpers, crawlers and machines. Paired with complimentary fabrics in Orange Tire Tread and black and white racing stripe. Topped off with Azure blanket and pillowcase.  Perfect for your little builder!  

Personalization NOT included. For Personalization, $12 click from drop down menu below. Add Child’s name in Notes Section when placing order.
Why Janiebee Nap Mats are the Best:
* 2 inches of thick soft batting for the most comfortable Nap time

 * Multicolored Designer Quality Fabrics Coordinated just like a quilt
* Double Thickness Minky Brand Pillowcase and Blanket (48″ long) attached at side
* Generously sized at 21″ wide x 53″ long
 * Machine Washable and Dryer Safe
* 100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED
*  Fabric Tie Closure

Or get a different design here:

Wood Nook by Joovy Review

I have had the same high chair for my son for the last year, and I have always HATED it. It is SO bulky and you can’t find a place for it ever!! When I read up on the Wood Nook by Joovy, I was completely impressed. I just HAD to try this out. 
I have never seen a high chair that was so compact, yet more durable than any other high chair I have ever had. I was completely in love with this Wood Nook after only using this for ONE DAY! Seriously!! I was SUPER IMPRESSED! This is by far one of the best baby inventions I have ever used. I hated always having my sons bulky high chair out since there was no where to put it. With the Wood Nook you can EASILY fold in half and store this for later use! I love being able to pick this high chair up so my house can look a little cleaner! 
This Wood Nook Highchair is extremely durable and well made. When designing, they had convenience and sustainability in mind for sure! What I love most about this Wood Nook is that it has an incredibly compact fold, which is great for storage! Another thing I love about this simply amazing high chair is that the dishwasher-safe tray cover easily comes off for easy cleaning. The Wood Nook has also been triple coated with a high gloss finish for easy wipe-down. Cleaning is a breeze when they make it this easy for you! 
I honestly could not of been more impressed by this Wood Nook by Joovy. Since using I have received multiple compliments, all of my friends and company have loved this high chair. From the stylish sleek and classy design, to the easy fold pick up! 
With how light weight and easily folded this highchair is, this is a great highchair for on the go uses. The Wood Nook folds for quick and convenient storage while the built-in carry handle on the chair’s back adds to its portability making this great to carry and go! 

This Wood Nook has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, so this is perfect for your toddlers! My son loves sitting in this high chair compared to others since now he is even with us; height wise! 


The Wood Nook comes in four fashion colors such as: blueberry, purpleness, black, and charcoal.

Features & Benefits:
  • ‰Compact fold
  • Adjustable Tray
  • Durable wood construction
  • ‰100% Monterey Pine Wood
  • ‰Comfortable and safe
  • ‰Easy to clean
  • ‰Dishwasher safe tray cover
  • ‰Age-graded 6 months to 50 pounds or 4 years
  • ‰PVC, Phthalate and BPA free
  • ‰JPMA Certified


Get your Wood Nook by Joovy HERE: