Share A Sale – Easily Make Money

This will be updated continuously.

As an affiliate, you select any of the ShareASale merchants and attempt to direct sales to the merchants’ websites. The merchants will then pay a commission for sales resulting from the affiliates’ referrals. As an affiliate, you decide the specific merchants you would like to promote and how you want to promote these merchants. Affiliates can also log into the ShareASale website and check their stats and earnings in real time.

 With ShareASale you primarily promote online stores where you will be paid a generous commission for any sales referred by your site. I’ve seen commissions of up to 80% but more typically they will be around 10-30%. These referrals can be by way of a display banner advert in your sidebar, but can also be by text links, sponsored posts, product reviews and social media – and more.
A sidebar banner can still work, and bring you sales if targeted correctly. The really big earnings from Affiliate Sales comes from careful targeting of your merchants to your readers interests, along with personal recommendation and promotion which encourages your readers to BUY. If done correctly, affiliate marketing can be a big earner. But if there are no sales – you earn nothing.
As an affiliate, you are only paid on SALES and REFERRALS, so you may chose to take a more active approach in promoting your offers. 
*I may get commission off of you getting accepted by my referral link.