Caboose VaryLight Stand-On Tandem Stroller by Joovy Review

As a mother, one of the biggest buys you will need is going to be a stroller. You are going to want one that is safe, easy to use, well made, as well as durable! The Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stroller is ALL OF THAT! When I was looking for a new stroller I was looking at price, safety, durability, as well as easy to set up and use. I found that this Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stroller was the perfect fit for all of those!! This stroller has a weight capacity of the front seat being 55 lbs and the back seat being 55 lbs. 


 My son who is fifteen months and 23 pounds just loves this stroller, We both love that it sits up as well as lays down. You can tell he loves it, since he gets a big smile and just lights up just seeing the stroller much less when getting in it! We decided to go with a two seat stroller to easily transition when we have our next child. 


For me, I also fell in love with this stroller. I don’t know about you, but with being a women I always have a HARD time setting up strollers, weather its out of the box or just unfolding it to use it! Well this joovy caboose varylight stroller was extremely easy to not only set up but also unfold to use whenever I needed it! This stroller fit in my trunk perfectly with plenty of other room, very compact as well as portable! This Stroller happened to be one of the smoothest riding strollers I have ever pushed, and it was just so comfortable for me to push. I just honestly love it. 





This Joovy Caboose VaryLight Stroller is very well made, durable, easy to use, long lasting, and safe! I was highly impressed with how easy this was to use as well as set up. At first (without reading the instructions) I wasn’t sure how to open the stroller, But once I read the instructions, it was a breeze to open and closed at any time! The sleek design is great for boys or girls, I love that this is gender neutral so I can use it for boys or girls!

Product Description


The Caboose VaryLight is the stroller that grows with your family. This sleek stroller has a unique, telescopic frame that converts from a single to full size double in seconds. Strolling with infants is made easy with “click-in” car seat adapters that can be positioned in front or rear (brand specific and sold separately). The Caboose VaryLight has upgraded functionality with highend wheels, swing-open tray, standing fold and larger capacity. Older children will love the fun of choosing to sit on the bench seat or ride on the stand-on platform.
  • STAND-ON TANDEM rear bench seat & stand-on platform
  • TELESCOPIC FRAME converts from a single to full size double in seconds.
  • “CLICK-IN” ADAPTERS Britax®/BOB® B-Safe, Chicco® KeyFit 30, Cybex® Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, Graco® SnugRide® Classic Connect 32 ,35 Graco®SnugRide® Click Connect 40 ,35 Maxi-Cosi® Mico, Mico AP, Prezi Peg Perego® Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 UPPAbaby® MESA (brand specific and sold separately).STANDING
  • STANDING FOLD One-hand standing fold with auto-lock feature
  • WHEELS Highest grade, sealed bearing wheels
  • UPGRADES swing-open tray and large storage basket
  • Other optional accessories include: rain cover, parent organizer with cup holders.
  • Front seat 3M+ up to 55lbs, 0M+ with car seat. Rear seat 2.5Y+, 0M+ with car seat
PLEASE NOTE: The Caboose VaryLight has 2 positions: short and long. The stroller comes out of the box in the short position. It is very important that the stroller be in one of these two positions (and not in between) when strolling with your children.
The adjustment lever to extend and shrink the frame is found under the front seat. Squeeze this lever and pull the front seat forward until it locks into place. To shorten the frame squeeze the lever and push the front seat back until the seat locks into place.
To test that the stroller is properly seated in one of the two positions, perform the “PUSH/PULL test”. After adjusting to long or short frame position, simply push and pull the front two wheels by placing hands on the frame above the front wheels and push inward. If the frame is locked in place, you will not be able to push or pull the frame. If the frame moves or folds inward, the front seat must be locked into place before strolling.
Swing-open tray. 
• Car seat adapter installs on front or back of stroller.
• 3-position recline front seat.
• Rear bench seat and standing platform for older child.
• One-hand fold. 
• Front-wheel suspension, front swivel-wheel locks, and rear brakes. 
• Extra-large storage basket.
Assembled Dimensions (short) – 42″H x 43.5″ D x 24.25″ W
Assembled Dimensions (extended) – 42″H x 49.75″ D x 24.25″ W
Folded Dimensions – 50″L x 24.25″W x 12″H
Stroller Weight – 33.6 lbs.
Front Seat Min Age – Birth+ when using car seat adapter, or 6 months+
Front Seat Max Weight and Height – 55 lbs. and 40″ height
Rear Seat Min Age – 2.5 yrs
Rear Seat Max Weight – 55 lbs. and 44″ height
*Sample Provided for Review
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