Boob Gift Set PPSU by Joovy Review

 Let’s just say, I LOVE Joovy!!!!!

My son and I both have loved these bottles. I really feel in love with the boob like design nipple. The milk comes out very easy and flows smoothly. My son does not gag from over pouring milk. I find by the way this bottle is shaped it is very easy for my son to hold on his own. We have been using these bottles since we have received.
Since using, my son has had less stomach troubles, slept better, gotten fuller, & drank more.
I have tried multiple bottles, and joovy has by far been the best and my favorite. I plan to continue to use the joovy boob like bottles for my little one as long as he will need them. I was HIGHLY impressed with Joovy from there products to there customer service. Any of my family and/or friends who or pregnant I have recommended joovy to them, KNOWING they will love it as much as I do.


These bottles come in the following sizes: 5 oz. and 9 oz.

I love that this set includes everything you will need. This is a GREAT gift for an expecting mother! With this set including multiple stage nipples, this is great for your child to grow with!

It is always hard to find a durable, and WORKING bottle/nipple brush to fit the bottles you have. When I noticed this set came with one, I was overly excited! 
(3) 9oz./260ml PPSU Bottles with stage 2 nipples

(1) 9oz./260ml Insulator 

(3) 5 oz./160ml PPSU Bottles with stage 1 nipples

(1) 5oz./160ml Insulator

(2) Breast Pump Adapters

(3) Sealing Caps

 (1) Stage 1 nipple (0+ months)

(1) Stage 2 nipple (3+ months)

 (2) Stage 3 nipples (6+ months)

 (2) Stage X nipples (extra-fast flow for thicker fluids, 6+ months) 

 (2) Stage 0 nipples (Preemie months)

 (1) Nipple Brush

 (1) Bottle Brush

*Sample Provided for Review

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